in this new series, brought to you by 4×4 Mega World, we go behind the scenes and find out, step-by-step, how 4×4 Mega World Strijdom Park fits an Old Man Emu Bp-51 suspension to a Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up.

Installing the Old Man Emu BP-51 suspension on a Toyota Land Cruiser 79 is no run-of-the-mill process and making it even more challenging is the fact that this is the first installation of its kind on this model. This is how 4×4 the Old Man Emu BP-51 suspension on a Toyota Land Cruiser fitment experts, Johan Groenewald and Lukas Ngobeni, get the job done.

Step 1: The wheel nuts on the rear driver’s side are loosened and the Cruiser is jacked up using a four ton trolley lift jack.
Step 2: The wheel gets removed and stored out of the way.
Step 3: The standard ‘leaf ’ is loosened at the eye-pin and shackle thereafter the shock is loosened at the top and bottom. The tension is relieved with the jack still in place.
Step 4: The shock absorber gets separated from the leaf spring. The leaf is then separated from the axle and lowered by the jack.
Step 5: The new OME leaf gets prepped and the bushes get greased to ensure smooth, silent movement. The new leaf gets lifted onto the jack.
Step 6: The Old Man Emu gets jacked up and loosely attached to the chassis. This is followed by a distinctive click.
Step 7: The "U-Bolts" get prepped and then fastened to the leaf and axle.
Step 8: The axle and the diff unit get jacked up for the shock absorber fitment. The BP-51 suspension utilises existing mounting points, eliminating the need for vehicle modifications.
Step 9: Mounting brackets get sorted for the fitment of the shock absorber and its accompanying reservoir canister.
Step 10: The shock is installed. The top of the BP-51 shock mounts easily, but the leaf spring positioning in relation to the shock's bottom is more tricky.
Step 11: The shock is bolted to the chassis at the top.
Step 12: With the weight of the Toyota Land Cruiser secured on the jack-stands, the jack is used to fasten the bottom end of the shock absorber. When the suspension fitment is completed on the Cruiser it will ride 20mm higher.
Step 13: Mounting brackets for the high-pressure nitrogen reservoir are mounted to the underside of the vehicle.
Step 14: The reservoir is delicately fitted into place using exact measurements to ensure the best and safest fit.
Step 15: One rear suspension fitted, one to go. Time to start from scratch on the other side.

BP-51 KEY FEATURES: Bypass technology with remote reservoir | vehicle specific applications | Hard anodised, aircraft grade aluminium | Independently adjustable for both rebound & compression | Designed, engineered and manufactured by ARB.