By Johan Badenhorst, Voetspore

Are we getting smarter, products and equipment more improved, or is it pure luck?

Last week the Voetspore Team returned from Expedition #11. This was a very different journey. Not the normal three months or more. Not the usual three vehicles with six guys. This time round we were 12 team members, five vehicles on a seven week journey. But the most significant fact is that this journey was effortless. We did not have one single problem along the way. Even when we were stopped at a roadblock in Zimbabwe and threatened with a $ 50 fine because our fire extinguishers were “not big enough”, we managed to talk ourselves out of it.

The journey was a rerun of the very first Voetspore trip, 16 years ago. We followed traditional migration routes of elephants form the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. We travelled in five Toyota Land Cruisers, fully equipped by 4×4 Mega World. We had Old Man Emu suspensions, ARB bull bars, T-Max winches, Oztent tents, stretchers, sleeping bags and chairs… the list goes on and on. The rubber we had was Mickey Thompson with Dick Cepek rims.

The team did exceptionally well. Camp was erected within minutes. The meals prepared were safari gourmet. The camerawork and photography was on another level as five cameramen and three photographers competed for getting the best shots.  

This journey was a reunion. A celebration of what we have achieved in the ten previous expeditions. And it went off without a hitch. It was a celebration in every sense of the word.

Perhaps, after ten journeys, we are now getting it right. This was the fifth time we went with 4×4 Mega World as partners. It was also the second consecutive journey with the Cruisers. We are in no doubt that this is the perfect combination, and that is why the journey was effortless. These vehicles allowed us to enjoy the great outdoors. To visit places, impossible to reach with a normal vehicle. This was absolutely perfect, and it was not because of luck. Becoming experts and having yourselves associated with experts is the way to go.