Kingsley Holgate is a humanitarian adventurer, author, TV Personality, fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a speaker at the New York Explorers club and a legend that Getaway Magazine calls their Explorer in Residence, the most travelled man in Africa.

What makes Kingsley Holgate and his team truly different is that they humbly use their adventures to Improve and Save Lives, so giving something back to the people of Mama Africa. No other team of modern day explorers have achieved so much in using the energy of adventure to make such a positive difference to the lives of so many.

But it’s not just Kingsley and his team of adventurers that have made a difference it’s the partnership of like-minded people and organizations that give the team the support to succeed in world first geographic expeditions whilst all the while saving and improving lives through these adventures. 4×4 Mega World is the leading off-road specialists in Africa. The best in the business… As one would say. 4×4 Mega World give the Kingsley Holgate Foundation the tools to reach unexplored regions of the continent whilst continually supporting the humanitarian objectives of the foundation. ‘We pride our partnership with 4×4 Mega World’, says Kingsley Holgate. ‘There equipment gives us the courage to venture into the wild unknown and allows us the opportunity of giving back to the people of this magical continent we call Mama Africa’

Humanitarian and Geographic Expedition successes – Many of them World-Firsts

Kingsley Holgate and his intrepid team have in a single journey traversed the entire outline of the African continent through 33 countries; completed a South to North journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Alexandria and the mouth of the Nile, followed by an East to West crossing along the Zambezi and Congo Rivers in the footsteps of early explorers Livingstone and Stanley, and then a series of journeys that allowed the Kingsley Holgate Africa Foundation backed expedition team to embrace every country on the African continent to include her island states. These world-class authentic odysseys have included:

‘Cape to Cairo’ in open boats following the waterways of the African continent

I’ ve completed many African odysseys to include the Zambezi and Congo Rivers from mouth to source,s largest desert lake. Sailed the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans in land yachts they travelled on foot, by bicycle, bullock cart, dugout canoe and Land Rover circumnavigating the globe by land following the Tropic of Capricorn expedition, they sailed to the Somali border and back in a traditional Arab sailing dhow.

 In an expedition called Boundless Southern Africa the team linked 9 Southern African Countries, 7 Transfrontier Conservation Areas, more than 30 Game and Nature Reserves and the Communities living in and adjacent to these areas. The theme for the expedition was “Nature, Culture and Community.  A Nile River adventure took them to Juba in time for the birth of the newest country in the world, South Sudan.

In 2012 the Kingsley Holgate Africa Foundation expedition team followed the Great African Rift Valley from Djibouti on the Horn of Africa to Mozambique below Gorongosa in the South.

More recently, after a dangerous mission to Somaliland and Somalia, the expedition team followed the Lubombo Mountain Range in an expedition called Izintaba Zobombo, from Crooks Corner in the Kruger National Park in the North to KZN’s Ghost Mountain in the South, spreading the Rhino Conservation message to thousands of children in Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa and handing over a Rhino Monitoring and Protection Land Rover to help the preservation of these historic animals in the Rhino War that’s threatening to wipe the species out.

All Kingsley Holgate Foundation expeditions are linked to on-going and sustainable humanitarian and conservation initiatives such as:

United Against Malaria

Over a billion people live at risk of malaria – and most of them live in Africa. According to World Health Organization 600,000 people die each year from the disease, 86% of which never made it past the age of five. In Africa, a baby dies every minute of every day around the clock.  To substantially reduce the prevalence of malaria, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation, through a United Against Malaria campaign, distribute long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets to pregnant mothers and children under the age of 5 years.   The Kingsley Holgate Foundation in association with relevant Ministries of Health in Africa has also embarked on a campaign to implement an indoor residual spraying initiative to further its efforts in eradicating the killer disease of malaria.

It’s also about having fun and delivering an important message that can save lives. The Kingsley Holgate Foundation’s malaria prevention work includes education in the local language, malaria quizzes and the provision of malaria educational colouring books with pencils and crayons to remote schools.

Using the energy of soccer, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation takes the fight against malaria to the playing field by hosting United Against Malaria Soccer Trophy challenges with soccer kits for the teams and a bicycle for the man of the match. These exciting soccer contests draw entire communities to malaria prevention occasions, allowing a life-saving message to be spread even further.

Rite to Sight:

In keeping with using adventure to improve lives, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation’s Rite to Sight campaign supply poor sighted people in remote areas with spectacles. The instant gratitude from the Rite to Sight recipients and the immediate difference it makes in their lives is heart-warming. As part of the campaign, teams of professional health care specialists also perform cataract operations.

Through the Kingsley Holgate Foundation’s on-going efforts, tens of thousands of poor sighted people can now thread a needle, do handcraft, weave a mat or basket and have the Rite to Sight!

Water purification

Nearly one in five child deaths, about 1.5 million each year, is due to diarrhoea. The Kingsley Holgate Foundation’s LifeStraw campaign provides small filters to communities in deep rural areas where drinking water is a severe health problem.  LifeStraw® water filters remove 99.9% of waterborne parasites and prevent people from acquiring diarrhoea and other waterborne diseases such as cholera. Each LifeStraw® filters at least 1000L of contaminated water, providing safe drinking water, enough for one person for one year.


The provision of mobile container- and box libraries to communities in need.


United through a passion for nature, culture and community, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation is strongly linked to conservation across Africa.  With what is being described as the deadliest time yet for Mama Afrika’s rhino and elephant populations, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation is moving in to help. In South Africa the rhino poaching epidemic has reached the shocking levels of one rhino being killed almost every day, whilst the slaughter of elephants elsewhere in Africa continues unabated.  Since the conception of the on-going humanitarian and conservation initiatives, the Kingsley Holgate team has, with the continued support from 4×4 MegaWorld, distributed:

  • Over 1 million lifesaving mosquito bednets
  • 50,000 Rite to Sight spectacles
  • 25,000 water purifying LifeStraws
  • 100 box libraries and 4 container libraries

The Kingsley Holgate Foundation is joining forces with conservation organisations to help make a difference. Initiatives include awareness, education, children’s art competitions and fundraising efforts to supply protection and monitoring unit vehicles and equipment as well as the rebuilding of much needed anti-poaching unit camps. The Foundation’s conservation link also extends to the preservation of Mama Afrika’s hardwood forests.

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