Building on the success of 2013 we hit the ground running in 2014, the first quarter of which had the following actions:

Hospital at Siteki in conjunction with Jonathan Pons, ophthalmologist and Programme Director, Guest Speaking Events

These events to corporates, 4×4 adventure clubs, Land Rover dealers and schools are on-going and are of huge benefit to 4x4MegaWorld.

Mashozi’s Rite to Sight

According to the World Health Organisation, 246 million people are estimated to have low vision worldwide and about 90% of the world’s visually impaired live in developing countries. Globally, uncorrected refractive errors are the main cause of visual impairment, a simple pair of spectacles can help.  Since the inception of our Mashozi’s Rite to Sight Campaign, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation has distributed over 100,000 pairs of spectacles.


’It’s the most rain we have ever seen’, said the locals as they looked up at leaden grey skies. Even the once dry Lake Ngami was filling up to record levels. The road to Savuti had drowned and was impassable other than for the toughest of 4×4 with tough mud grip tyres and deep water snorkels. Despite the weather, we managed to keep up with the Kingsley Holgate Foundation humanitarian work and especially appreciated was the Mashozi’s Rite to Sight campaign, spectacles to the poor sighted, a treat for many of the old Basarwa women who make a living from traditional weaving.


Great Mashozi’s Rite to Sight work through the mission Good Shepherd Hospital Eye Care Project.

United Against Malaria


Of grave concern is the spread of malaria into South Africa with over 700 people being treated for the killer disease in Limpopo Province over the last three months alone. In partnership with Goodbye Malaria, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation is involved in a campaign in which 22,000 homes are being sprayed in Mozambique’s Boane district to combat malaria, which means that more than 100,000 people will remain safe from being locally infected by malaria over this rainy season. It is extremely important that in these border areas we do all we can to stop the spread of malaria across into Swaziland and South Africa.

Coinciding with spraying activity, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation also distributed long-lasting lifesaving mosquito nets to maternity patients at the Boane District Hospital followed by a Kingsley Holgate Foundation beat malaria kid’s soccer event.

The educational message at these events is clear: Protect yourself against Malaria! It is totally unacceptable that in this day and age that for every minute of every day a child in Africa still dies from the bloodsucking bite of the anopheles mosquito.

Zambia, World Malaria Day:

World Malaria Day 2014 marked the start of the Kingsley Holgate Foundation’s United Against Malaria activity in the Barotse Floodplain, Western Zambia, where the expedition team is now doing valuable malaria prevention work.

LifeStraws for Water Purification

Diarrheal disease kills more than 1.5 million people every year. A LifeStraw water filter, about the size of a bicycle pump, provides a minimum of 1000 litres of safe, purified drinking water, enough for one person for one year. This year the Kingsley Holgate Foundation continues to make a difference, especially to communities in drought-stricken areas where people drink from muddy pools and dirty rivers.

Community Conservation Education:

The Kingsley Holgate Foundation ‘Rhino Art – Let our Children’s Voices be Heard’ campaign, has become South Africa’s most comprehensive and successful children’s conservation project ever. The objective is clear: To gather the largest number of ‘Children’s Art Voices’ ever recorded in support of Rhino Protection and to use these ‘Hearts and Minds’ messages from the children of Africa as a worldwide call to action against Rhino Poaching.

Coupled to Rhino Art is Rhino Vision. Our research indicates that less than 2% of rural kids living alongside areas of Rhino Protection have seen Rhinos in the wild. Through partnerships in conservation we aim to take 1,000 Rhino Art winners to see Rhinos in 2014.

To celebrate World Rhino Day 2014, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation has initiated a World Rhino Youth Summit, a gathering of 130 young conservation leaders from South Africa, Pan-Africa and Asia among others. Delegates, educators, mentors and conservation leaders, will be brought together at the symbolic iMfolozi Game Reserve to address the current rhino poaching crisis and strategies needed to put an end to international wildlife crime.

The Summit will aim to provide interactive learning experiences that engage youth conservation leaders in rhino and wildlife conservation and protection strategies as well as empower delegates to become local, national and international Youth Ambassadors for Wildlife & Conservation. International conservation leaders will debate key conservation issues with these future leaders.

In a build-up to the summit and to showcase some incredible art pieces and messages from children across Africa already gathered, a giant Rhino horn was erected and remained on display for weeks at King Shaka International Airport. This giant Rhino horn was wrapped in Art pieces and messages from children who really care about the heritage and the protection of Rhino.

Rhino Art is now being done in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Swaziland, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and internationally.

Going forward

The current 4x4MegaWorld humanitarian expedition takes us to Barotseland in western Zambia. It’s a high risk malaria area and many of the villages have little or no healthcare facilities. To increase our humanitarian capabilities, the 4x4MegaWorld expedition will be supported by a ‘clinic boat’ called the Ma Robert, named after the very first 1858 metal boat used on the Zambezi by Dr David Livingstone. As is the tradition we will send you a couple of expedition dispatches.

Siyabonga, Asante Sana and thanks,

Kingsley and Ross Holgate and the expedition team 


The Kingsley Holgate Foundation aims to distribute the following humanitarian items in 2014:

15,000 Lifesaving long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets

7,000 Rite to Sight spectacles

4,800 LifeStraws for purified water – one LifeStraw supplying safe drinking water for one person for one year.