On April 25th people across the globe take part in a wide range of activities to mark World Malaria Day. For half the world every day is malaria day – a day to keep up the fight against this killer disease. 4×4 Mega World also invested in this very important day to make a change through our personal friend Kingsley Holgate. Every little bit helps and we CAN make a change.

Just a little snippet…

World Malaria Day 25/04/2014 Greetings from Central Africa…

Friends, it is totally unacceptable that still so many people in Africa are killed by the blood-sucking bite of the Anopheles mosquito. On 25 April, World Malaria Day, and it’s on this day that we salute our sponsors and friends for the great support you give to the Kingsley Holgate Foundation’s fight against the silent killer of Malaria.

Siyabonga, Asante Sana and thanks, especially for the mums and little kids who are the most vulnerable. Thanks again for supporting our authentic humanitarian expeditions that allow us to improve and save lives through Adventure.

Kingsley Holgate and the team members.

Here are some more Key Facts:

  • In 2012, there were 207 million cases and 627 000 deaths from Malaria
  • 3.4 billion (half of the world population) are at risk
  • In 2013, 97 countries had on-going malaria transmission
  • The global malaria mortality rate was reduced by 45% in 2000 – 12, and an estimated 3.3 million lives were saved as a result of a scale-up of malaria interventions
  • US$ 5.1 billion is needed every year, double the funding available
  • Malaria costs USD 12 billion per year in direct losses