So, you have an Oztent which means you definitely know how to enjoy camping. A quick, comfortable and hassle-free experience is what you live for, but don’t forget to take care of your Oztent so it can take care of you on your next adventure!

Tips to Care for your Oztent:

  • Keep your canvas in top condition: Ensure that your canvas gives its best performance when it’s new or has been stored for long periods of time. Simply pitch and wet your tent down with a garden hose and let the canvas dry completely before repeating this two times.
  • Don’t forget your candle: Make sure you bring a clear wax candle when you go camping. If you have a drip, simply rub the candle on the exterior of the stitch line to create a waterproof barrier quickly and easily.
  • Peg it down: Always peg down your tent to reduce the risk of injury to yourself and the tent. Prevent it from flying away in the wind and tightly tension with ropes to increase the strength and stability. This will also prevent fabric droop, wrinkles and pooling water.
  • Remember the Floor Saver: Keep your tent floor clean, dry and minimize wear and tear from abrasion by using your Floor Saver.
  • Reduce Condensation: Condensation is unavoidable – especially when camping. An easy way to reduce condensation is to use the Oztent Fly: Designed to collect humid air and will keep your tent cooler in warm temperatures and will reduce condensation in cold weather.
  • Zip Carefully: Go slowly when zipping and make sure tracks are aligned before sliding the zipper. If some dirt gets in the zipper teeth, you can easily clean them by rinsing with water.
  • Keep It Clean: Simply clean with a sponge and warm water, a garden hose can be used if further cleaning is required. Allow the tent to air-dry completely before storing. Please, do not use detergent, soap or bleach because it can remove waterproofing and damage the fabric.
  • Store Dry: Ensure your tent is thoroughly dried after every trip to avoid stains, smells and premature breakdown of the canvas and waterproof coatings.