Designed to make camping and touring safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable, reliable power sources and accompanying battery management systems are a necessity.

Whether you need an independent power source to keep camping accessories running, or a sustainable source of free power for longer stays, 4×4 Mega World offers a range of auxiliary battery kits and solar options to suit a variety of requirements.

Whether it’s to keep a few luxuries powered up on your next weekend away or to power a large setup on a long trip, 4×4 Mega World has a wide range of batteries and battery solutions that will keep you going.

From auxiliary battery systems to provide peace of mind and allow you to power additional accessories without the risk of flattening the main battery, to chargers and batteries, 4×4 Mega World has something to suit your needs.

Battery Management Systems – NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE

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The ultimate in battery maintenance. Diagnose, repair, recondition and charge in one automatic device. Ideal for long-term connection and winter charging. This is battery care made easy.


With the increase in hi-tech in-car accessories including satellite navigation systems, radar detectors, DVD players and mobile phones the demands on a vehicle’s power resources are becoming more and more. The 4×4 Mega World Multisocket range has been created to meet this demand.

Solar Panels

Turn sunlight into electricity.  Solar isn’t a one size fits all solution, and with a wide variety of solar products available to 4WD tourers, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the technology, its benefits over traditional charging methods and how to ensure the system you’re considering is suitable for your application. Energy stored in batteries is the preferred source of power for today’s modern day overlander and camper.  Unfortunately, despite advances in battery technology, they can only provide a finite source of power, eventually requiring some form of recharging.


An inverter is an electronic device that plugs into your car or vehicle’s 12v power supply and turns that 12v power into 230v AC mains power. This allows you to power electrical and other electronic equipment away from normal mains power. Our compact and digital range of inverters are ideal for powering mobile devices while on the move.