Whether for work, play or anything in between, canopies offer flexible storage space, weatherproofing and increased security for your cargo. Our extensive range of steel and aluminium canopies from RSI SmartCanopy and Alu-Cab ensures you’ll find a product that not only suits your individual requirements, but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any utility.

Our RSI SmartCanopy range of canopies have a modular system gives the canopy more strength as well as more flexibility, eliminating common issues like weld-fatigue cracks. This makes it perfect for the 4×4 enthusiast who subjects a canopy to severe strains, and it enables individual components to be replaced in the event of damage.

To locate on a load bed, the standard tie-down eyelets are removed. These holes are used to locate four supports – one in each corner − onto which the canopy is bolted. As no drilling is required, these canopies are given OEM approval. Key features include the use of automotive-grade stainless steel in the fabrication, solid side gull-wing doors (windows optional), an innovative weatherproofing system to keep out dust and damp, key-alike locks, standard roof rails, and light weight – below 85kg for a double cab unit.


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Our Alu-Cab range of aluminium canopies offers the perfect solution for daily use, work, utilities, expeditions, hobbies, sport, holiday, camping and many other applications.  Due to the large range of accessories that we offer our customers are able to convert their canopies to suit their different needs.

Alu-Cab Canopies are very easy to fit, even an un-trained fitment team will be able to fit the canopy in less than 45 minutes.   The Alu-Cab canopies have been designed for ease of use, with 3 doors opening up for easy access to your load-bin. Inside the canopy, the roof cross braces double as tie-down rails, as does internal base frame, so you can attach accessories to the canopy’s interior, sides or roof without any drilling. Or you can use the tie-down rails as lashing points to secure your cargo.