For over fifty years the best Portable Fridge-Freezer available in this country has demonstrated its strength and reliability of service in leisure pursuits, business, health and many other aspects of the African way of life.

Since 1962 well over three million Engel Portable Fridge-Freezers have been manufactured and sold all over the world. From Australia to Africa, from Europe to the USA, campers, caravanners, four wheel drivers, truckers, health professionals, armed services, universities and people in many other pursuits and professions have relied on this proven portable fridge freezer for their enjoyment, pleasure and income.

These units have all the features that you have come to expect from ENGEL, including being powered by the world renowned “Sawafuji Swing Motor”.  

Today the range that consists of nine models with capacities ranging from 15 to 80 litres, meaning there’s a fridge to suit every vehicle and use.  We also stock the Desert Product Fridge slider and transit bags which fit the 40L, 60L and 80L fridges.


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