Pop-up tents are becoming increasingly popular in the leisure market. Most people who own a heavy, expensive, large canvas tent have also bought a pop-up tent. They might have intended it to be used for shorter trips or weekends away, but they’re beginning to find that it’s being used for every trip.

This tent range pops Up in 3 Seconds – A perfect companion for a quick trip to the beach or to the park. Packs flat so it fits easily in your car.  The Oztent Malamoo range of tents is one of the worlds quickest and easiest tents to set up.

No more messing about at the campsite, the Malamoo is a true “all in one” tent, with a built in pole structure and attached fly and guy ropes. All you need to do is pull the tent out of its carry bag, and apart from placing some pegs, the Malamoo tent does the rest for you.  The dual skin construction features a waterproof fly over a mesh inner with a set-back interior door that creates an enclosed front vestibule.

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