The adventurous nature of 4WDing inevitably increases the risk of vehicle damage when off road.  Fitting quality aftermarket protection equipment provides extra insurance for your vehicle and adds practicality and versatility for remote area travel.

ARB’s reputation for protection equipment was forged over 30 years ago when we started manufacturing bull bars for the Series I Land Rover.

These days, ARB has accessories to protect every vulnerable area of your 4WD, from bull bars and Sahara bars to side, rear and under body protection.

In addition to ARB, 4×4 Mega World also stock the Desert Armour range of protection equipment, specifically for side protection, under vehicle protection and rear protection.

ARB Frontal Protection

arb-frontal-protectionVital for rural and remote area travel, ARB frontal protection will provide substantially improved protection for vulnerable mechanical components against animal strikes whilst providing a solid base for mounting other accessories like driving lights, winches and VHF/UHF antennas.

ARB bars are superbly engineered and manufactured to not only maintain maximum functionality, but also to ensure they complement the look of the vehicle.  ARB manufactures a number of different bars from the sleek deluxe and Sahara styles, to the more functional commercial bar.

See our full range of ARB Frontal Protection

Bull Bar Engineering

Bar EngineeringEngineering a bull bar requires careful consideration of a number of factors to ensure it properly serves its purpose. Factors such as vehicle design, crush rate, air bag deployment, approach angles, accessory fitment, strength, weight and aesthetics are incorporated into every ARB bar before it enters production.  You simply won’t find a more thoroughly designed and manufactured vehicle protection system than an ARB bull bar.

Air Bag Compatibility

air-bag-compatibilityARB has invested heavily in vehicle crash barrier tests to validate the performance and compliance of its air bag compatible bull bars. To ensure compatibility, ARB assesses each vehicle’s frontal crush characteristics and replicates the crush rate in the design of each air bag compatible bull bar and mounting system.

Aesthetics and Finish

aesthetics-and-finishEach ARB bull bar is specifically designed to complement the unique contours of individual vehicle models. This ensures the best possible fit, look and functionality for a particular vehicle.  All ARB bars are finished in a durable powder coat with the option to colour code to your vehicle in order to further enhance the bar’s appeal and provide a more integrated look.

Hilux Revo Rock SliderOur Desert Armour Side protection equipment acts as a shield for your vehicle’s vulnerable lower panels, protecting them from rocks and road debris frequently encountered during remote area travel. At the same time, protection steps and rock sliders provide a practical benefit by improving vehicle access.  View our full range of Desert Armour side protection.

Troopy Rear BumperDue to the long rear overhang on many modern 4×4 vehicles and dual cab bakkies, rear quarter panels and factory bumper bars are very susceptible to damage, particularly when traversing steep, rocky terrain.

There is no better way to protect the back of your vehicle than with our range of rear protection equipment. Like all our products, our rear protection equipment is manufactured to extremely high standards for maximum strength and is designed specifically to suit each vehicle for the optimum fit.  See our full range of Desert Armour Rear Protection.

Fortuner Bash Plate

The underbody of your 4WD is one of the areas most susceptible to damage when travelling off road. Whilst most factory protection is sufficient for protecting your vehicle from stone damage, a more robust solution is required to increase protection from rocks, stumps and ruts encountered in more challenging terrain.

We offer vehicle specific Under Vehicle Protection sets to minimise the risk of damage to most vital components of your vehicle drivetrain.

Land Cruiser 70-Series PlateDesert Armour under vehicle protection systems are specifically designed for each vehicle and engineered to provide a shield for vulnerable under body components such as the steering, sump, transmission and transfer case.

Pressed and folded laser cut steel provides more strength than folded steel alone and allows optimum strength to weight ratio.  Securely bolted to the vehicle’s chassis providing outstanding structural integrity.  Recessed mounting bolts are protected and easy to remove for vehicle servicing.  View our full range of Desert Armour under vehicle protection.